Hey all my fellow makeup-wearing vegans, especially my fellow cash poor makeup-wearing vegans:

I just wanted to take a second and rep E.L.F. again. All vegan, all cruelty free, and prices range from cheap as it gets to very reasonable. Their essentials collection has a variety of good quality makeup starting at only one dollar an item, their mineral collection (my fav) usually ranges between three to five dollars an item (STILL so cheap) and is suitable for many people like me with sensitive skin and makeup allergies, and if you want to get really high quality vegan makeup their studio collection has just about every tool you would ever need to primp and pamper your beautiful/handsome/stunning face (and still for a reasonable price.) And it’s still cheap compared to most makeup.

What you see me wearing here is the Studio Collection’s BB Cream as a foundation (moisturizes and evens skin tone,) their Studio Conditioning Lip Balm in Mellow Melon as a blush (yeah I know that’s weird but it’s a great lip gloss too, I just like the way it looks on my cheeks,) their Studio 6-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette in Smoky, their ELF Mineral Natural Volumizing Mascara in Jet Black (the only kind of mascara my sensitive ass eyes can stand,) and their Studio Moisturizing Lipstick in Rosy-go-round.

The BB cream is phenomenal, and unlike a lot of foundations on me it doesn’t make my skin flake or dry out, and it doesn’t wear off throughout the day. The eyeshadow palette is extra-nice in that you can wear the colors subtly when applied dry, or much more dramatically (like here) when applied wet. The mascara is pretty standard, you need a couple coats but that is par for the course for most volumizing mascara, and it stays all day without running. And the lipstick and lip gloss are phenomenal, I’ve had them both for several months now and they are so highly pigmented and have such good staying power that I am nowhere near running out. They will both probably last me two years or more.

So, if you’re a little on the cash-poor side and you want some vegan makeup, or you’re just looking to make the switch to cruelty-free cosmetics in general, check them out!! They are constantly having deals and sales too, so if you wait til the right time you can get a whole heaping helping of makeup for extra cheap!