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I made those creamy pasta out of creamed cashews, olive oil, spinach, mushrooms and roasted red pepper marinara sauce. Served with spaghetti, topped with ground pepper and a side of soft warm breadsticks. :) mmm what a meal.

I made those creamy pasta out of creamed cashews, olive oil, spinach, mushrooms and roasted red pepper marinara sauce. Served with spaghetti, topped with ground pepper and a side of soft warm breadsticks. :) mmm what a meal.

Anonymous said: You are so delightful! I'm still (slowly) transitioning to vegan but your blog has definitely shown me that veganism is not the huge, restrictive sacrifice that it's made out to be. Thank you so much for what you do!


Anonymous said: So I know you get like a thousand questions like this (been a follower for a long time), but here's another. I thought I was doing fine with my ED recovery an out of nowhere have began to experience anxiety attacks again over things like, well, potatoes. I guess I'm talking to you since that's your blog title. Anyway... any tips for overcoming major fear foods? I feel so anxious all the time, it sucks.

Oh I never mind, I will answer a thousand ED questions and then a thousand more if it even helps one person get over their ED!

I totally understand this. I never personally experienced panic attacks but I would have these obsessive thoughts about certain foods, and it would turn into this mental battle almost where I would forbid myself from enjoying them. But food isn’t supposed to be this forbidden pleasure, it’s supposed to be something you enjoy proudly! Food is a celebration of the senses! That’s why we come with taste buds built right in!

My advice would be to expose yourself to these foods a little at a time. Take potatoes for example. Maybe you can get a small fry at a restaurant. You’ll probably feel really nervous, but just take one fry, dip that shit in some ketchup, and put it in your mouth. Instead of worrying about every little calorie and fat molecule, think about how delicious that french fry tastes. You know what that fry tastes like? Victory. It tastes like beating restriction and taking your life back from disordered eating. Now, if you can manage it, have another one.

By exposing yourself little by little to the foods that you fear and by focusing on the very real pleasure of eating and enjoying your food, you are taking the power away from your ED, a little at a time. This is called exposure therapy, and it is used to treat everything from all kinds of fears from common phobias and anxieties, to fear foods like the ones you are facing right now. I am currently using it to overcome my fear of driving—very very slowly. Don’t pressure yourself or beat yourself up about not making enough progress fast enough. Everyone recovers at their own pace.

I am so happy that you are choosing recovery and you can talk to me about this stuff any time. I believe in you!

anicypheonix said: My new headcanon for you is now a younger version of Tree Trunks.


I’m so old I had to look up the word headcanon. I wish I was a young tree trunks. She seems like she’s lived a good kind of wild life.

Also I want to know how to make the perfect apple pie.

fennecfox420 said: i made the besttt cashew mac n cheese yesterday too! i put the cashews into my processor with a little soy sauce, sriracha, garlic and nutritional yeast then put in on pasta with sundried tomatoes and sauteed spinach. when my sister was eating it she said "this is so good i want to eat it until i'm dead." but it does make a TON of cream, i used half of a trader joes' bag of cashews and it yielded enough sauce for like 6 servings. just thought i'd share this gem of a recipe with ya!

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMFUCK I need to make this so bad. So so bad.

Anonymous said: Hey Mizz Maggie! I've seen your posts about living with an eating disorder. First of all, kudos to you on recovering! I'm trying to get better myself from bulimia nervosa. Anyway, I've been wondering about exercising. Do you think it's possible to adopt a healthy exercise regime if you're recovering from an ED? (P.S. love the vegan food, and you're fucking gorgeous.)

Awh thank you so much for the compliments!! I am so flattered!

Well, this is tough. Some people find exercise therapeutic, and it can be a great stress reliever. However to someone in recovery, exercise can be a huge trigger for ED behavior. It obviously depends on what the specifics were of the disorder you suffered before, but exercising with an ED can be really dangerous and can lead to other problems.

Here’s the thing: I think exercise is supposed to be about self care when it’s healthy, and I think that recovery is supposed to be about self care. But as someone with an ED, it can be really hard to see where self care ends and ED behaviors begin. So for now, what I would say is that you should err waaaaayyy on the side of caution. Maybe if you feel that some sort of physical activity could help you therapeutically, you can engage in something very low impact and de-stressing, like a gentle very short yoga session, or a nice slowwwww walk in the park. Maybe you can just do some nice lazy languid stretches and call it a day. Maybe you can do something fun like ride your bike into town to see a friend.

Whatever you do, don’t engage in ED behaviors tied to any kind of exercise, like counting calories burned or feeling guilty about not having done enough, or practicing specific compulsive exercises. And, if you see yourself engaging in or even thinking about engaging in any of these practices, stop what you are doing and engage in self care IMMEDIATELY. Ignore that ED voice in your head and go watch a movie, or paint your toenails, take a hot bubble bath or read your favorite book. Do not entertain those thoughts for one second. Your ED is not worth one more second of your time, it has already taken enough from you.

I am rooting for you and you can get ahold of me any time and I will do my best to support you and help however I can. You will beat this, I know it!

Anonymous said: Hi, sorry for anon. I'm recovering from an ed and I've been veg for 4 yrs &vegan for 2. My doc wants me to start eating meat etc because he thinks its a form of restricting even though I told him it's for ethical reasons. What can I do? Love ur blog!

That’s okay! And thank you!

I really disagree with the statement that veganism is by nature restrictive. I mean just look at the food on my blog! Anything you can eat, I can eat vegan! I eat so much awesome stuff, and I still enjoy all my favorite things! However, it’s really important that if you are recovering from an ED, you really listen to your own needs. Recovery is the most important thing.

I really think that some people have the tendency to turn veganism into a diet, and as someone recovering from an ED, if you want to be vegan or vegetarian, you really have to strive to avoid that. It sounds to me like you’re already on that thought path as an ethical vegan.

Also, without knowing much about you or your medical situation, I obviously can’t tell you what decision is right for you. I can’t do that anyway to be honest. Sometimes it can be important to conquer foods that you were afraid of previously, and that may in fact involve eating meat. Other times it can be very triggering for some people in recovery to think of certain foods as off limits. Other people, like myself, have found that going vegan actually helped them learn to enjoy food again, and to think of it as nourishing and eliminate the guilt that they previously tied to their food choices. Recovery is different for everybody. The only person who really knows the answer to that is you.

If you read this and you still feel strongly that you are willing and able to go vegan, I would say you should stand up to your doctor. Explain to him that veganism is not restrictive, and that you can in fact enjoy all of the same foods as an omnivorous person. Then, strive to do so! Enjoy eating vegan mac n cheese, veggie burgers, faux meats and cheeses. Show him and show yourself that you choose to recover as a vegan!

But if at any point you feel your ED creeping up from the shadows, do not hesitate to take care of yourself first. It is not your fault that we live in a society where animal product consumption is normalized and expected, and you have no reason to feel guilty if recovery takes you down a path that leads you away from veganism. If veganism was the norm, you wouldn’t even have to make that decision.

I am rooting for your recovery and you can contact me any time about anything you need and I will do my best to be supportive. I know there are some wonderful resources for vegans in recovery on this website, but I can’t remember any of them off hand. Does anyone know of any support sites for ethical vegans recovering from disordered eating?

Cashew cream cheese on an everything bagel. Breakfast of CHAMPS

Cashew cream cheese on an everything bagel. Breakfast of CHAMPS